Hourly rate: £6.00 to £12.00

Fees to be paid weekly/monthly in advance on Friday

Rates include all meals and snacks, nappies, creams and wipes and most outings. Formula milk to be provided by parent or carer.

Overtime/late charges £20.00 per hour (minimum charge 30 minutes) Outings or travel costs to be agreed for relevant special outings.

Discounts available for full time children

A minimum of 4 weeks notice is required for alteration or termination of contract.

No notice is required for non-payment of fees. No fees, no care.

Discounts available for siblings.

No charge for my holidays.

Ad hoc care, emergency care and short notice school closure care charged at the higher rate.

Fees stated are for guidance only and are negotiable.​

​Childcare Vouchers and Tax Free Childcare payments accepted.

Holiday dates 2022/2023

Summer Holidays 8th August to 19th August  2022

Christmas Holiday 12th December 2022 to 4th January 2023 (Bank Holidays and 5 inset days included)

Updated July 2022


Please note funded hours will run through half term and end one week earlier.

Service is available from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. weekdays. Not available on public bank holidays, and for 25 days leave per annum plus 5 unpaid inset days in accordance with Brent schools. Inset days may be taken as half days