No charges for my holidays.

Sibling discount applies: 10% discount from the eldest child. (This only applies to full time weekly minded children)

After school children will be charged from 3pm, for a minimum of 2 hours. Contracted hours charges apply even if the child does not attend the setting or if they attend after school clubs, rehearsals, parties, etc.

Pay as you go hours will be charged at a higher rate.

Independent arrival children's fees also start at 3pm for a minimum of 2 hours.

Before school slots are contracted and charged for a minimum of 1 hour.

Places are charged to the nearest half hour.

Children that have term-time contracts will be charged according to the Tots 2 Teenz calendar. Payment will be required for all contracted hours regardless of attendance. TTO contracts do not cover emergency school closures. TTO contracts do not cover inset days unless agreed in advance.

Contracted hours/days are not interchangeable.

Retainer charged at 50% for reservation of holiday spaces. Care will only be available for the same days that are contracted days during the term. Full payment to be made in advance for holiday spaces to secure care.

72 hours notice required for cancelling of days during holidays. Otherwise, once booked full day charges apply regardless of attendance of child.

Funded children will receive care according to the Tots 2 Teenz calendar.

8 weeks notice required for termination of contract for funded hours.

Charging Policy

If I have not received payment within seven days of the due date, I will issue you with a polite reminder. If I have still not received payment by the 14th day following the due date I reserve the right to make an additional charge ‘Late payment Fee’ as per our contract.

If at this point I still have not received payment, I reserve the right to cease minding your child with immediate effect and seek legal advice from the Professional Association of Childcare and Early Years. This may result in you being summoned to attend a hearing at County Court and if the judge finds in my favour, you will also be liable to the Court for costs.

If you have had a change in personal circumstances and are now struggling to make payments, please let me know, so we can make suitable arrangements. It may be that you are now entitled to additional funding through the Childcare element of the Working Tax Credit and other benefits.

Late Payment of Fees